What drives online video success?

Tuesday, 04 October 2011 21:33

This article by Rick Martin and Rob Friedman (Online marketing experts) hits on several key points regarding the benefits and utilization of online video:

“Studies show a 12% to 30% increase in online purchase conversion rates among shoppers who view a video product tour compared with those who don’t.”

What is an extra 12% – 30% in profits?  Is it worth the one-time cost of hiring a crew to produce your videos?  Certainly, the more compelling video will take you closer to that %30 increase.

However, the increased sales rate also depends on how you use your video content:

“Online users expect high-quality, relevant and engaging online interactions. If they don’t find what they need — and quick — then they’ll move elsewhere. A one-size-fits-all mentality simply doesn’t work for online video.”

This is why we at MV focus on custom video segments, each tailored to one or two different specific audiences.  Every client gets something that no one else has because we recognize that each client is unique.


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