Developing Web Video

Thursday, 05 August 2010 02:32
When it comes to deploying video clips, it’s important to create context. Video clips work better when there is some context for the video in the page. Some Ideas about context:

• Integrate the video into an article about the same topic.

• Put the video on pages that include descriptive content.

• Allow comments and ratings so users can create their own context about the video.

• Publish the video and brief accompanying text on a blog.

• Link to the video from pages with other related content.

By approaching it as an integrated project you will also generate much more value for you and your viewer. For instance, we suggest adding video to your case studies of past projects, surrounded by good SEO text, and you’ll also improve your Google ranking. But more than better rankings, you’ll be increasing the value for the viewer. The video helps them understand the text better and faster and the text helps them get more out of the video.


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